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Boost Your Fraud Defenses This Season

Citibank would like to remind you that fraud and cyberattack attempts can increase during the holiday season as fraudsters may perceive that accountholders are less vigilant due to year-end activities. It is important to stay on top of your accounts and employ measures to help prevent online fraud.

Tips for preventing fraud:

  • Deactivate users on CitiBusiness® Online who are on extended absences from work and reactivate when the users return.
  • Manage high risk transactions by reviewing user transaction limits and set additional approval levels within CitiBusiness Online.
  • Enroll in CitiBusiness Online Alert Services to stay informed of outgoing wires as they occur and immediately report suspicious activity to Citibank.
  • Be suspicious of urgent and unusual requests. Fraudsters will typically convey a sense of urgency in an effort to get you to act on their fraud attempt quickly.
  • Use anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware software that updates automatically. Citi offers anti-malware software to detect and remove ransomware and other malware from your computer to protect your accounts when using CitiBusiness Online. Download your complimentary Trusteer Rapport by IBM software
  • For additional tips and best practices, please visit the Fraud Protection resource center on CitiBusiness Online.

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